Rob Morgan Is A Curious Person


Project Overview

This podcast is my attempt to sit down over drinks, on location, with intriguing people I’ve met to try and get past WHAT it is they do, to find out WHO they are, WHY they do it and WHAT I can learn from them.

Most podcasts are recorded in a studio (or as quiet of a room as possible) with headphones on... THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

Some of the best conversations I've ever had have been over food & drinks in a restaurant, coffee shop or bar. That's why, when dreaming up what I wanted in a podcast conversation, I decided to record 'Rob Morgan Is A Curious Person' ON LOCATION.

From cathedrals and beerhalls in Europe, hot-tubs in the Bahamas, cemeteries, tattoo shops, airports, and Irish pubs… check out THE MAP to see where all of the episodes were recorded and maybe visit a location for yourself.


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